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—Bauhaus receives
CyclingScore CertificationApril 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Bauhaus is now CyclingScore Certified, after receiving the Platinum Award for its outstanding facilities!

CyclingScore Certification rates buildings according to an official set of standards that determine a building’s cycle friendliness.

These standards were developed in conjunction with industry professionals, travel planners, tenants and executives in cycle orientated businesses. CyclingScore Certification demonstrates how cycle friendly buildings are.

Cycling has become the most practical way to get around cities and more people are depending on bicycles than ever before. Buildings must adapt and cater to this change with improved cycling facilities such as parking, changing rooms, access and clear signage.

Bauhaus provide access to all of this and more, including their own towel service, luxury cowshed products and a drying room- making the process as painless as possible.

Cycling is also much eco-friendlier, minimising your carbon footprint and helping you and your business do your bit for the environment!

Our top of the range facilities accommodate all your cycling needs and provide you with minimal excuses to get on your on bike.

Not only, is cycling much more sustainable, it will help boost your health and well-being and enhance your overall mood and productivity. What better way to start and end the day than a brisk cycle to and from the office?

The outstanding facilities in the beautiful Bauhaus provide you with the perfect excuse to get some fresh air in your lungs after being cooped inside all day.

The thoughtful design includes both technical, environmental and operations features which are all intended to provide the best possible experience for their tenants on both a human and financial level.

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