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—Made to
moveMay 2019

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is trying to encourage people to ditch their cars and get on their bikes.

‘Made to Move’, is a 15-step plan which outlines the need for a detailed walking and cycling infrastructure in the city and is intended to transform the way in which people move around Greater Manchester.

We had a chat to Martin Key, Senior Transport Advisor for TfGM to learn more about the initiative.

The proposal is a vision for Greater Manchester to become the very first city region in the UK to have a fully connected cycling and walking network, covering over 1000 miles, which makes it the most comprehensive in Britain.

Martin said: “The end goal is to connect every neighbourhood and community in Greater Manchester, as well as a clear strategy for effective delivery of a network that will make cycling and walking a viable choice for those that don’t do so now.

“Crucially, the proposed network is not for people who already cycle or walk for the majority of their journeys. Its focus is to enable the two thirds of people who currently use their car as their main mode of transport, to walk or cycle.”

To ensure this, cycling and walking tracks should be safe, attractive spaces alongside high quality footways and routes must be fully segregated, enabling longer journeys to be made actively. Crossing a road shouldn’t take bravery!

There is no better way to start and end your day than a brisk cycle to and from work to get your daily dose of fresh air! TfGM is working hard to promote this philosophy and encourage people to convert the way in which they travel to and from work.

Martin commented: “Mayor Andy Burnham has allocated £160 million to kick start the project, with 42 Bee Network projects currently already announced.

“This means that Greater Manchester’s spend on cycling and walking is now at £18 per head, one of the highest quotas in the UK.”

Implementing small changes to the infrastructure can make significant changes to your local area, making walking and cycling a much more pleasant experience. Commuting has never been so easy!

The city shares the same societal problems that are being felt across Britain—an obesity epidemic, air quality issues and streets that are often clogged with motor traffic during peak hours.

All of these customary issues can be resolved by switching out your car for your bike or simply walking to work. This will not only benefit your personal health and wellbeing, but it will also have less of a detrimental effect on the environment and reduce the congestion in the city centre.

Martin adds: “Cycling is a great form of exercise and a great way to beat the standstill of peak-time traffic.

“It is also often cited as a great way to clear your head and start the working day in a great frame of mind, not to mention the money-saving element.

“The Mayor’s ambition for Greater Manchester is for it to be the best place in the UK to be grow up and grow old in, to live and work in and to get on in life.

“Making cycling and walking a priority is key to this mission, but the fact is that people will only travel this way if it is easy and pleasant.

“We need protected, uninterrupted space that will be attractive to those who don’t walk or cycle – we want them to see other people using the infrastructure and think ‘That looks easy and fun, I’ll give it a go.’”

Bauhaus is completely behind the campaign and their commitment to endorsing the initiative is illustrated by their state of the art cycling facilities. The impeccable amenities consist of immaculate shower and changing rooms as well as safe and secure bike racks which are only accessible by the building occupiers and staff.

Employee wellbeing and corporate wellness is truly embedded into the foundations of the building, giving you minimal excuses to commute to work any way other than by foot or bike.

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