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—Bauhaus - fostering a
community in
SpinningfieldsFebruary 2019

Situated in the heart of Manchester, Spinningfields is one of Europe’s most successful urban regeneration projects, creating an entire new quarter in the city. It is the leading regional business quarter in the UK and the centre of the Manchester corporate community. It seems fitting that Bauhaus is located in the core of it all, considering it is one of the most contemporary and stylish buildings in the city.

Home to over 165 world class financial and commercial services organisations, Spinningfields is a vibrant destination with luxury international fashion brands, restaurants and bars, serving both an affluent business and resident community and an increasing visitor population of over 5.5 million people per year.

Spinningfields is also a venue for culture, renowned for its arts and entertainment, playing host to public installations and events and home to the John Rylands Library and People’s History Museum.

Like Bauhaus, Spinningfields also brings people together through business and social events, providing an intimate and exclusive community feel and family. We mirror the same ethos, through the provision of a state-of-the-art co-working space that encourages collaboration and creativity.

Bauhaus slots seamlessly into the sleek and sharp architectural landscape, within the enviable and prestigious community. The prime office space is like no other and has a huge emphasis on workability and amenity. With stylish new facilities on each floor, its welcoming new reception area and a bespoke cycle hub, Bauhaus offers a new approach to working.

Spinningfields is home to some of the world’s largest corporations, including Deloitte, Barclays and JMW. World class financial and commercial organisations such as these have made Spinningifelds the leading regional business quarter in the UK and prime location for any organisation. Bauhaus is also designed to meet the demands of any organisation, big or small, and is more than equipped to do so.

Although, there is much more to Spinningfields than the roaring business community. Situated in the heart of the hustle and bustle is the lavish 20 Stories, the decadent Ivy, Banyan Bar, the Oast House and many more, all contributing to the vibrant and atmospheric hospitality sector that Spinningfields has to offer. Similarly, Bauhaus was designed to promote the ideal work life balance, with the health and wellbeing of the occupier as its primary focus.

Spinningfields is an exceptional area to work, live and socialise and the beautiful Bauhaus has everything you need right on its door step! From unrivalled shopping and leisure facilities to a wealth of food and drink options, Spinningfields has you covered!

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