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—Manchester’s thriving
technology industryJuly 2019

Manchester is on the rise and its technology industry is thriving. According to Deloitte, there was more development in Manchester than there was in Chicago or Los Angeles.

Many of those sites will eventually play host to the flurry of technology businesses springing up across the region. Between 2016 and 2017, around 2,000 technology roles were created in the city, and figures suggest 70,000 people now work in the digital industry in Greater Manchester.

This city is catching up to London and has seized a clear second place in the UK tech industry, with the creative, digital and technology sector now contributing £4.1bn to the region’s economy.

The imminent arrival of the tech giants into the city suggests time is running out to acquire the best space for your business. Bigger companies are already spotting the talent opportunity and moving in. With luxury office space and the proliferation of upmarket high-risers, why wouldn’t they?

High quality office space is in extremely high demand and it’s important that they attract and retain the best talent.

Orchard Street Asset Management carried out the refurbishment of Bauhaus earlier this year and is one of most contemporary office buildings in the city, attracting top talent from within the tech industry, including Praetura Ventures.

Bauhaus boasts a prime location in the vibrant Spinningfields community and its connectivity, design and appearance is truly unparalleled… From the outstanding air, water and light quality, to the state of the art facilities and WELL enabled working conditions, Bauhaus is fit to accommodate the modern day occupier.

Orchard Street were also one of the category sponsors for the first inaugural Manchester Evening News Technology Awards, alongside Amazon, Praetura and BT. The event took place at the Runway Visitor Park in Altrincham on Thursday and was huge hit, with some of the winners including Peak for Best Use of Machine Learning and AI, Novosco for Best in Business and Lawrence Jones of UK Fast for Tech Ambassador.

Bauhaus is fitted with the most contemporary technology because your place of work has a huge impact on employee productivity. Technology helps drive the growth of your business and facilitate the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

That’s why at Bauhaus, we have pulled out all the stops to maximise the wellbeing of our occupiers and meet the demands and business needs of ambitious and prosperous organisations looking to relocate.

For more information about the Grade A office space, located in the heart of the city, get in touch and for regular updates follow us on Twitter.

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