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—The top 5 ways
to get
to Bauhaus…June 2019

Bauhaus is situated in the heart of the city, meaning transport routes are in abundance. Your commute to work has never been so easy, thanks to the comprehensive transport network neighbouring the thriving Spinningfields community.

Take a look at why Bauhaus is so easy to reach!

Tram and Train

Deansgate train station and Deansgate-Castlefield Metrolink station is just a little over a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Bauhaus. Only 7-minutes’ walk away is the comprehensive transport hub, connecting you to a range of local, regional and national services.

Deansgate is a vital station for the region, with it being on the Manchester to Preston and the Liverpool to Manchester lines, both heavily used by commuters.

It is linked to Deansgate-Castlefield tram stop and the Manchester Central Complex by a footbridge built in 1985. Also neighbouring the station is Deansgate Locks, The Great Northern Warehouse and the Museum of Science and Industry.


The area surrounding Bauhaus is well served by an extensive bus network, due to its prime location in the heart of the city.

The Hardman Street bus station has the capacity to transport you all over Greater Manchester, so whether you’re travelling from far or near, Spinningfields has you covered!


What better way to start your day? With cycling growing more popular, Bauhaus provides cutting-edge facilities to take good care of both bikes and their riders. After recently achieving our Platinum CyclingScore, there’s no better excuse to get out for a ride, whilst doing your bit for the environment and improving your health and wellbeing in the process! It’s the most efficient way to keep fit…

With state of the art showers, you can also cool off and spruce yourself up, so you’re ready for the day ahead!


If you’re not one for public transport and can’t see yourself on a bike, then you could always resort to your car… Only a minutes’ walk from Bauhaus, located on Quay Street is an NCP car park, keeping your vehicle safe and secure for a small fee.


For anybody fortunate enough to live in or around central Manchester, Bauhaus is within easy walking distance. So why not reduce your carbon footprint? There’s no better way to start and end your day, by getting some much needed fresh air and taking a stroll through the city. If you’re cooped in an office for most of the day, then you’ll certainly appreciate the value in getting outside. Regular exercise also helps boost your mood and productivity, setting you up nicely for the day ahead!

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