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—Orchard Street
aim high with
WELL ratingMarch 2019

Our state-of-the-art refurbishment is set to be the most sustainable building in Manchester. Bauhaus is not only a Grade A listed building, a short walking distance from Manchester’s business and financial districts, but we’re also doing our part for the environment and maximising the wellbeing of our occupiers!

Occupiers at Bauhaus can expect to feel like an integral part of the working community that Spinningfields has to offer, whilst also benefitting from our superb working conditions and sustainable operation.

Did you know that sick days cost the UK economy £77bn per year? Well, we have pulled out all the stops to enhance the health and wellbeing of our occupiers, which should keep that number to an absolute minimum!

Our newly revamped premises place an evident emphasis on workability and amenity, in an attempt to offer a contemporary approach to working. With a collaborative business lounge and meeting area, floor to ceiling glazing and a tenant plant space, it is no surprise that the Orchard Street will soon be acquiring the Gold WELL rating.

This will be the first WELL rating presented to a refurbished building, emphasising the work that has gone into making Bauhaus one of the most sustainable buildings in Manchester. To qualify for The WELL rating status, buildings must provide solutions for health and environmental issues and enhance the health, happiness and productivity of its occupiers.

That’s the ultimate goal. At Bauhaus, we have worked hard to achieve outstanding air and light quality and superior water filtration. We also promote exercise and healthy eating to our occupiers and we have extensive shower and cycle parking facilities, mental health and ergonomic education facilities and we are within 500m of several transport links.

The award was founded on the basis of scientific insight, which found that the need for employee satisfaction was high and that the social and physical environment affects the state of a person’s health by over 50%. Consequently, the WELL rating is primarily determined by a number of elements, including the provision of education, support and general satisfaction for the people working there.

To qualify for the WELL rating, Orchard Street are required to meet 10 demands. Consequently, Bauhaus must ensure the provision of high-quality air and water, encourage correct eating habits and nourishment through education, supply the appropriate amount of light to maximise alertness, and create a sense of community with the necessary programmes and support.

Being in an ever-growing city, in the beautiful Bauhaus, located in the heart of Spinningfields, potential occupiers are invited to experience work-life at its finest. Maximise your health and wellbeing and do your bit for the environment!

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